When will Russia open borders?

What do they say?

  • Domestic tourism opens on June 1
  • «We hope for the resumption of international flights starting in July.» — Evgeniy Ditrikh, head of the ministry of transport (source)
  • «The ability to apply for a visa will be in the near future. Some of embassies have already announced that they will start working in stages from June 15. If we talk about travel, probably still in the third quarter...» — Dmitriy Gorin, Vice President of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (source)
  • «As for us we consider three scenarios. One of them is optimistic - the opening of flights in July. But this scenario is rather optimistic. The realistic scenario is to open the flights in October, and the pessimistic one, I think, is April 2021.» — Demura, TUI CEO in Russia (source)

Russians' predictions on foreign border opening for tourism 2020

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