TL Reputation

Manage your hotel’s online reputation

TravelLine Reputation automatically searches for your hotel’s reviews online,
so there’s no need to go through a bunch of review platforms manually. It’s easy to find out what your guests think,
answer their questions or suggestions, and add the latest reviews to your website.

Compile all online reviews in one place

Reviews from different websites
Daily monitoring of reviews
Widget with your hotel’s rating

Study reviews at a glance

See basic statistics on all online reviews right from your TravelLine Reputation account, so you’re always aware of what’s going on with your hotel’s online reputation.

Post the latest reviews on your website

You can easily add new reviews to your website without needing help from a programmer.

From your TL Reputation account, you can post a review on your website in one click. It will appear in the review widget. Along with the reviews, your website visitors will see a summary rating, guests’ ratings, and ratings based on various criteria.

Conveniently monitor your online reputation

Manage your reviews
Manage your reviews

On the main page, you’ll see reviews from all active platforms.

For every review, the system provides the source, date of publication, and guest’s rating.

Manage your reviews
Set up review collection
Set up review collection

By default, TravelLine Reputation looks at all reviews ever added on each active platform. If necessary, you can limit this period to one and a half years. This way, the older reviews won’t affect the newer ones.

Set up review collection
Receive notifications
Receive notifications

We’ll notify you by email if a review is added with a rating lower than 4.9, or a hotel’s rating summary has changed. In the settings, you can choose if you want to receive notifications every day or once a week.

Receive notifications

TL Reputation pricing

TL Reputation

+ a widget with online reviews on your website

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TL Reputation TravelLine Reputation Online reputation management
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Daily review collection
Ratings and the latest reviews on your website
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