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Increase your income with TravelLine

We have developed our partnership business model in 2017. Since then, we keep improving it and welcoming new partners. Join TravelLine!

Stefan Karapanchev TravelLine official representative in Bulgaria since 2017

Income up to 50% from the deal

We guarantee income up to 50% from the deal depending on the chosen collaboration model.

Quick start

Within 2 weeks our team informs you about TravelLine solutions and their competitive advantages.

Ongoing support

TravelLine provides partners with promo materials, answers their questions and helps to start.

Innovative product

TravelLine offers all the necessary tools in a single Extranet and adjusts them for your market.

Collaboration models

We offer different collaboration models which are suitable both for those who are looking for additional income
and who want to start their own business.
Recommend TravelLine to potential clients and give us their contact details to receive a one-time fee.
Find clients and have contracts signed to get salary and commissions throughout the year.
Create your clientele and manage it to get monthly income.
Contracting company
Product setup
Hotel Support
Type of employment
Flexible hours
Full time
Running business

commission rate of


the first client’s transaction

commission rate of


for every payment the client makes during the first year

+ salary

+ bonuses for meeting the target


of the total amount from all licenses sold

There are restrictions for the particular regions.
Find out more via phone number +372 668 2532 and email

How to start

You can leave a request in any way
We introduce our IT-solutions to you and provide you with training
You sign the contract and get promo materials
You are ready to start!

TravelLine partners do business in 14 countries

Why collaborate with TravelLine

All necessary tools in a single Extranet

TravelLine has all necessary tools for a hotel in a single Extranet: Booking Engine, Channel Manager, Reputation, Rate Shopper, WebPMS, and others.

We constantly create new solutions, add new functionality and update them considering client’s requests.

All services in one account

Flexible conditions

We modify collaboration models to suit you. The revenue is based on your engagement and number of working hours.

Assistance with sales

We provide partners with promo materials and working techniques to go through the sales process.

Staff training

We will train your employees to handle objections, close the sale, and provide client support.

Marketing support

We develop a marketing strategy for a collaboration model you choose. We design advertisements and promo materials for you.

TravelLine partners reviews

«TravelLine is the best team I have ever met. Everything is absolutely the best, starting from the all the teams , which are very supportive, to the products they develop. When I found out the information about TravelLine online, I was surprised, that the company has such a great set of solutions, which includes all the tools for successful hotel ecommerce and for boosting online sales to get high profit. After the start of our partnership in 2019 I have enjoyed the work of all the team, which turned to be unbelievably amazing. Every day they patiently teach us to deal with the system and to boost the online sales. You all are the best, thank you!

I suppose, that our current key to the success is the opportunity of the TravelLine solutions to adapt to the Indonesian market. It’s a great pleasure to deal with you!»

Andri Lukmanul Hakim
TravelLine Indonesia

«I first met TravelLine representatives in 2017 during their visit to Georgia. At that time, in Georgia there were few companies which offered booking engines, but they only dealt with large five-star hotels. Staff of other hotels managed bookings in Excel, which caused overbooking.

Before collaborating with TravelLine I already had experience in hotel business and could understand that TL products would be in demand. They are suited for any hotel type starting from hostels to 5-star hotels and ensure their smooth performance.

Cooperation with TravelLine exceeded all my expectations. It is a reliable partner, who assists in solving any problems. Even though the head office is in another country, the distance does not interfere with work. I, personally, value that the company constantly creates and improves the products, because it helps to be in the lead among the competitors.

We have been collaborating for 3 years, and there is no hotelier unaware of TravelLine left in Georgia. Even during the pandemic, the number of hoteliers that choose TravelLine products is only growing. This proves that I have made the right choice. I recommend TravelLine as a partner you can rely on.»

Nina Bitkash
TravelLine Georgia

«I met Evgeny Yashkardin, a representative of TravelLine’s international department, in Astana in 2015. He had held a seminar for hoteliers at a touristic exhibition. TL Channel Manager, its user-friendly interface and TL Price Optimizer were exactly what our hotels needed.

In April 2017, TravelLine announced another seminar in Almaty. I immediately decided to attend it, because I did not want to miss any tips TravelLine shared there. There I had a chance to talk to Evgeny again and found out that they were looking for a business partner in Kazakhstan. Without any hesitation, I told Evgeny I would make a perfect partner.

Representatives from the head office trained our employees. Our technical support manager did her internship in Yoshkar-Ola.»

Yuliya Rykova
TravelLine Asia

Join the team to grow with us

Since 2008, we have created 10 solutions to help hotels worldwide.

The affiliate network we started in 2017 includes offices in Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Kirgizia and Indonesia.


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