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Instagram Reels: how hotels can use the new feature

Instagram Reels: how hotels can use the new feature

Reels are short, up to 30 seconds, videos with added sound and effects. This feature is similar to the Tik Tok platform. Instagram Reels has a build-in music catalog, filters, text and video editors.

As soon as you upload the first Reel, there will appear another tab on your profile page. All the Reels you are going to create will be stored there.

Reels in the Booking.com Instagram account.

In this post, we will describe the most important things to know about Instagram Reels:

Why Reels matter for your hotel business

The reason is its visibility. The top videos on the “Explore” page are all Reels. The top videos are larger than the rest of the posts.

Moreover, there is a “Reels” button in the center of the bottom navigation bar.

The placement of Reels on the Explore page.

Another reason is that Instagram is going to introduce Shopping features to the Reels. Creators will tag their offers, and viewers will tap to buy or save them for later.

What kind of content to create

Whatever you post, define a clear goal and emotions you need to evoke. A goal is not necessarily a call to action. It can be purely informational or promotional. Your Reels can make viewers feel happy, nostalgic, or eager to book. You are free to create.

1. Directions

Create a short video guide to help potential guests to get to your hotel and find the reception desk. They will be grateful to learn what public transport to take and which cab company has lower rates.

2. Extra services promotion

Show what additional services your hotel offers. Often social media are the only places clients learn that a hotel provides a SPA circuit or a pet-friendly accommodation. Potential guests will watch a reel and find out what else to buy. This upselling will increase your average bills.

3. Money-saving hacks

Create a Reel to tell viewers how to economize when booking a room at your hotel. Mention discounts for a first-time stay, promo codes, or special offers. This will attract the attention of Instagram users planning a vacation.

4. Entertainment recommendations

Tell users what festivals and events take place in your area. If you partner with guided tour companies, tell them about themed tours. For example, to places where famous movies were filmed or those including local cuisine tasting.

5. Promo codes for leads from the Reels

Offer viewers a discount promo code for booking on the hotel website. In TravelLine Booking Engine you do not have to create a promo code rate. It can be applied to any existing rate.

How to create Instagram Reels

Either take videos in the Instagram app or upload ones from your phone gallery. Instagram ranks the Reels of poor quality and political subject badly. If you already manage a hotel Tik Tok account, do not post the videos with Tik Tok watermarks on Instagram Reels as such Reels do not get a big outreach. To rank Reels higher, use the in-app music and effects.

Step 1. Go to your Instagram profile and click on the “plus” button in the top right corner. Sel ect “Reel” in the appeared lightbox.

How to start creating a Reel.

Create a Reel in three ways:

  • upload a video from the gallery
  • upload several photos to make up a video
  • record a video in the app.

We will look closer at the last option.

Step 2. Select “Audio” to search for a song. Then choose a part of the song that you are going to use. Move the slider bar along the track at the bottom of the screen. There will be song lyrics to help you.

Adding an audio to a Reel.

Step 3. Click on the ”Length” to change the length of the Reel. It is either 15, 30, or 60 seconds.

How to change the length of a Reel.

Step 4. Click on the “Speed” icon. The numbers stand for the playback speed. Choose “.3X”/ “.5X” to make the Reel slower. Select the rest to make them faster.

How to change the playback speed of a Reel.

Step 5. In "effects", choose filters just like in Instagram Stories. “Touch up” stands for a retouch.

How to set a filter and do a retouch in a Reel.

Step 6. If you need to film yourself, and nobody can help, click on the Timer. Make timer settings. You will see the countdown on the screen.

How to set a timer whe creating a Reel.

Step 7. When the Reel is ready, click on “Preview” to watch it.

How to watch a Reel before posting.

Step 8. There will appear the toolbar at the top of the screen. Click on the audio icon to change the music, select the mic button to add the voice-over. The rest of the options coincide with the Stories toolbar. Click on Next.

The placement of the Reels toolbar.

Step 9. On the following page, write a caption, choose a cover, and make some more settings. In the caption, you can tag other users, put your hotel’s hashtags and emojis. Select “Also share to feed” so that your followers see the Reel.

Write a caption and share the Reel to Feed.

Step 10. Click on the video in the top left corner to choose the cover of the Reel. For a cover, you can select any frame or upload a photo fr om the phone gallery.

How to choose a cover for a Reel.

How to learn the outreach of the Reel

Click on the three dots below and select Reel Insights. There is a number of plays, the accounts reached, and all the interactions.

Reels insights page.

Before starting, make a content plan. It should include what you want to post, how often, and what days of the week. Post one Reel per week. Learn when to post to gain more feedback and higher conversion according to your region. Be creative when it comes to Reels, but do not force yourself to be too funny if you feel this could harm the brand.

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