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How to sell more hotel rooms via Google Hotel Ads

How to sell more hotel rooms via Google Hotel Ads

When you need to book a hotel room, you’d most probably start with a Google search. At least 60% of Internet users do. Now, hotels can take advantage of Google Hotel Ads, designed specifically for hotels, to get bookings right from the search results and to channel traffic to their official site.

Let’s figure out how Google Hotel Ads works and why hoteliers should learn how to use this tool.

Why Google Hotel Ads work better than regular Ads

In comparison to regular Google Ads, which are plain text, it shows a rich media block with hotel pictures, short information, and links (e.g., to Wikipedia), map, available dates and prices, and a form to book.

Google Hotel Ads have similar settings, like keywords it responds to, but also has all hotel-specific parameters that you can tweak to provide guests with more accurate and useful information.

If you’re still not using this ad platform, we encourage you to do so. It’ll attract user attention more, and hotels will get more direct bookings. From the guest’s perspective, it’s a great shortcut to choose a room and pay for it directly from the search.

Note: of course, you need to keep pushing regular Google Ads as, because Google Hotel Ads is not a substitution, but a great addition to your marketing strategy and brand recognition.

How Google Hotel Ads work

When a user completes Google search on a computer, Google Hotel Ads results appear on the right-hand side to the rest of the search results (mixed with regular Google Ads).

How Google Hotel Ads work

By default, the block contains the following parts, that you can fill in with a free Google My Business account:

  • A hotel name, spelled with an extra-large font
  • Pictures and an interactive map
  • Links to the hotel’s website and to planning a route via Google Maps
  • Google rating and reviews
  • The button to book (the key customer entry point)
  • A brief hotel description
  • Address and phone number
  • List of room equipment

Plus, there is a section of this block below, which is also an ad. It lists various booking platforms, room availability for selected dates, and prices.

All these pieces of information help guests decide about staying in this hotel and book either with Google or with another booking processor.

Feel the power of Google Hotel Ads

There’s more than user convenience to it; it’s great for your business too! You can efficiently get potential customers from billions of Google Search users. Surprisingly, you don’t pay for showing this form.

Here’s why you should try Google Hotel Ads:

  • Promote your hotel on Google Search, Google Maps, and even on Google Assistant, that’s activated whenever someone says “Ok Google”
  • Pay the fee only if you get bookings or website visits
  • Increase direct traffic to the hotel’s website
  • Increase revenue

For an additional fee, hoteliers can activate the Book hotels on Google feature. This will let guests book rooms right from the form. Google will charge a fraction from what the user paid to your hotel from every transaction.

Trends show that Google is giving quite a competition to the world-renowned online travel agencies simply by leveraging its vast user base and adding services like Book hotels on Google.

Getting started with Google Hotel Ads

Access all the benefits of promoting your hotel with Google in four simple steps:

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