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How to sell hotel additional services: case-study

How to sell hotel additional services: case-study

Different types of hospitality property get different income from selling additional services. For example, city hotels manage to increase average bill by 10-11%, while country hotels do by 9-11%. This is what our analysts report in terms of sales through TravelLine booking engine.

In this article we are going to tell about extras you can sell on the website and how our partner hotels implement this.

  1. Kinds of extras to be sold on hotel website
  2. Selling extras along with the stay
  3. Selling extras without the hotel stay

Kinds of extras to be sold on hotel website

List all the additional services and entertainment options that you offer. Think which ones of them your guests would need.

Here are some ideas you might use depending on your type of accommodation.

City hotels Country hotels SPA resort
Transfer Transfer Transfer
Meal option Barbecue/ gazebo for rent Meal option
Access to pool Sauna Access to pool
Access to gym Bike, ATV, powerboat rentals SPA treatment
Option for pet-friendly accommodation Workshops, horse riding Bike, boat, ski rentals
Rent of conference halls/meeting rooms Access to pool, SPA circuit or massage Health care services, massages, salt therapy room
Theme decorations Option for pet-friendly accommodation
Hunting and fishing
Guided tours

Launching sales of extras

It is best to sell additional services through a booking engine before the stay. This way guests can see a complete list of additional services that you offer, book them along with the stay and pay right there.

Our partner-hotels reports that about 50% of guests plan their trip in advance. That is why they are eager to book extras even before arrival.

There are 2 ways to offer extras in TravelLine Booking Engine: with and without a stay. We will describe both of them in details.

1. Selling extras along with the stay

When booking a room, TravelLine Booking Engine provides a separate step for booking additional services. It may be a transfer, meal services or a SPA-treatment.

Set extra sales for booking a room to increase your average bill and revenue in general.

Describe services in details

When booking an extra, guests want to know precisely when they can get it and what exactly you offer. For example, when it comes to meals, let them know what time you serve breakfast, lunch and dinner and what dishes you serve. The more details you provide, the more are the chances that guests will book them.

description of meal service

Provide extras your guests might need

Imagine that you are staying at your property as a guest. Then list things you would need/bring with you. These are what you can sell as additional services.

For example, country hotels may offer access to sauna, SPA treatment, barbecue and gazebos for rent.

extras on a hotel website

Offer accommodation to guests with pets

More and more guests want to take their pets on a trip, this is why this option is becoming popular among hotel guests. Add “a pet-friendly accommodation” as an additional service in TravelLine Booking Engine.

In description section, write what dog breeds are allowed and what kinds of certificates guests should bring with them. For example, “We allow to bring dogs of breeds under 15 kg having a complete pet passport”.

dog-breed description

Case-study: selling extras in welcome-emails

TravelLine’s partner-resort “Forest Rhapsody” includes an offer of SPA-treatment into welcome-emails, that guests receive 3 days before an arrival day.

Most of our guests do not buy additional services when booking a room. We assume that guests do not instantly understand what they expect from the stay. They need some time to decide whether or not they want to book extras.

Valentin Ivanov, head of marketing at “Forest Rhapsody”

What has been done

They set welcome-emails

After setting banners, then they added their HTML-codes into the welcome-email template. This way, when guests receive an email, click on a banner and book a service at a lower price.

example of welcome-email

Banners are effective: guests click on them and go to the booking engine to book extras. The percentage of hotel extras sales online now is up to 40-45%. These are only clicks from the welcome-emails.

Valentin Ivanov, head of marketing at “Forest Rhapsody”

2. Selling extras without a stay

If you offer extras that are not attached to the stay, sell them in a separate booking engine. There guests can select a date, choose something from the list of available services and pay on the website.

separate booking engine for extras

We run a culture & heritage complex. TravelLine Booking Engine for additional services became a great means to sell tickets to events that the complex holds. Before we integrated the module, customers called to book tickets. We could not make sure that they would come and pay for the ticket.

Some of them made payments by money transfer to the corporate bank account. This was not convenient as well, as we had to send bank details to customers and keep track of payments.

At the moment, clients book and pay for tickets on the website. If they change their mind, they cancel the reservation beforehand and we have time to sell tickets again.

We sell tickets:

  • over the counter
  • local aggregator web-site
  • through TravelLine Booking Engine

60-70% of tickets sales are sold through the booking engine on the website.

Veronika Vlasova, sales manager at culture & heritage complex “Vyatskoye”

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