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How to Sell Bookings on Black Friday

How to Sell Bookings on Black Friday

Guess what guests want

You can call it a successful campaign when you could convince guests to come & stay even during a low season. Here’s what you can offer:

  • Discount on accommodation. Recommended is 20% and more.
  • A booking bonus or a discount on additional services. For example, free meals, discounts on equipment rental, complex spa treatments, gym membership, etc.
  • Cross-marketing specials, when a guest receives something from your partners along with their stay. For example, a sightseeing tour, ski pass, or souvenirs.

Set a timeframe

Limit the special offer timeframe to 3-5 days to avoid hesitation. Specify the dates in the rate settings so that the guests can see them. For Black Friday, set the range of dates.

Now, due to the booking decay while pandemic, offer discounts for the next weekend or month. Ideally, you should expect low seasons by analyzing the load from the previous years and set the discounts accordingly.

How to create rates

  • Describe special offer conditions in the rate description. It’ll make it easier for guests to book right away, without distractions and attention draws.
  • Create rates with various conditions and discounts. For example, offer a 30% discount on a 30% prepaid rate and a 40% discount on a 100% prepaid rate.
  • Make rates non-refundable. It’ll help you avoid no-shows and loss of money.

Where to advertise

Add a widget with the terms of the special offer onto your website. If you have the TravelLine system installed, you can do it in your account in a few clicks.

  • Send a newsletter to your base of guests.
  • Use Social Networks to reach people.
  • Start new contextual and targeted ad campaigns.
  • Remind guests who recently stayed with you about this special offer as a part of a follow-up email.

Use direct links to the rate in ads and messages so that guests will immediately go to the booking module. If you use TravelLine, contact your personal manager, and we’ll help you set everything up.

Start preparing now to have more time to think out all the details. Good luck!

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