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How to make use of hotel areas off-season

How to make use of hotel areas off-season

In peak seasons, hoteliers enjoy the high demand and income. The same hotels stay unbooked in the low season. We have described balancing demand and pricing strategy in our blog post. This time, we will focus on non-monetary means of increasing off-season hotel occupancy and revenue.

Organizing wedding and events

Start promoting your hotel as the event and weddings venue for months of low demand. Your hotel garden and halls can hold concerts, festivals, and comedy events.

Collaborate with event sponsors so that they choose your property to host occasions. Offer cheaper accommodation rates for those who come to participate in the event. This strategy will attract guests and let you upsell additional services like meals & beverages.

Another option is to host an occasion or two for free, take high-quality pictures of the event, get participant reviews. Then create a commercial offer and post it on the hotel website.

The “Townhouse” hotel in Maastricht started selling take-away French pies. Within the weekend, they could sell up to 40 pies. Apart from accommodation fees, they made 11k euros by serving these pies only within a year.

Partnering businesses

Contact local companies that could be interested in holding business seminars, team buildings, and meetings. Offer them hotel rooms and conference halls. In case they book multiple rooms at a time, consider giving them discount promo codes.

Find out if they have annual business events. If companies are satisfied with your property and service, they will be willing to come again.

Providing gastronomic experience

If your hotel restaurant is famous for its cuisine and guests often ask for recipes, consider publishing a recipe book. You will make extra money and spread the word about the restaurant.

Set up a wine cellar with local wines and start tours with wine tasting into them. Sell them into packages or separately as an extra service.

Offering facilities to locals

You can make money without selling hotel rooms. Make locals feel welcome at your bars and restaurants, offer them discounts. Sell additional services without booking a stay: a pass to a hotel gym, pool, and SPA.

Set up a separate Booking Engine for services not tied to accommodation and let locals know they can reserve them on your hotel website.

This is how TravelLine Booking Engine with a build-up service reservation module looks. This is how TravelLine Booking Engine with a build-up service reservation module looks.

Host yoga and dance classes in your hotel halls. Create a workspace with a coffee shop in the lobby. Charge money for allowing photoshoots on your premises. This will bring you side income in the low season and additional value later when demand is high.

Hosting sports teams

Athletes have their own seasons, and when competitions are over, they need space to train. Contact coaches of local sports teams and offer them accommodation. They might be interested in packages: hotel rooms, meals, pass to a gym and transfers to the hotel and back.

Consider cooperating with a stadium to include a pass into the package, especially if you manage to reach an agreement and welcome a team every year.

As a hotelier, your primary goal is to provide guests with quality service and affordable rates. However, finding additional revenue streams is an effective way towards growing your business and building up a positive customer impression.

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