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How to make Instagram benefit your hotel business

How to make Instagram benefit your hotel business

Before making a purchase, users look through a company’s social media accounts, read reviews and comments. The impression influences whether or not they are going to book a room.

Study guests’ questions and feedback to make your posts useful for guests. Do your best to understand the needs of your target market. This will let you come up with Instagram post ideas. Let’s have a look at what hotel business owners can include in Instagram content calendar.

Answer questions

What would you want to know if you were going to stay at a hotel? Answer these questions before customers ask them. In post captions, write about how often bed linen and towels are changed, what you serve for breakfast and how you accommodate kids. When you step in guest’s shoes, it becomes clear what to post.

Target market Post
Families with kids
  • if there is a baby bed and a highchair.
  • what kind of entertainment for kids you offer.
  • if you serve baby food.
Guests of poor health
  • where to seek medical advice.
  • if there is a doctor on duty.
  • how to get an extra blanket or an extra pillow.
  • if you serve food for special dietary uses.
Car owners
  • how to avoid traffic jams on the way to the hotel.
  • what waymarks there are.
  • where the nearest parking is.

Let’s say you offer a free transfer to the airport. To announce the news, think of what makes it important to your guests.

Do not

“Your stay at our hotel is going to be even more comfortable. We have launched free transfers from the hotel to the airport. This is going to make your holiday experience even better!

We take pride in caring about our guests. Thank you for choosing our hotel!”


“You do not have to call a cab to get to the airport from our hotel! We offer a free transfer for the guests. It departs from the hotel main entrance every day from 7 am to the midnight. The transfer runs every hour.

The driver will help you load your luggage to a luggage truck. The drive takes 25 minutes.”

The hotel lists things that may interest families with kids. The hotel lists things that may interest families with kids.

Respond to comments

Customers are eager to recommend a purchase or a service to others, if they had a positive experience of online interaction with hotel representatives. If you do not respond to clients on social media, only 19% of them will do so.

Write posts based on feedback

Carefully study reviews on your hotel. Pay more attention to negative ones. It is easier to reveal what is important to customers and give all the information they need after reading long and precise reviews of your guests. This can be a post about paid extras or an instruction in the event of fire.

Reply quickly

Let’s say a customer is choosing between 3 hotels. He DMs or writes comments to ask if there is a hotel gym to all 3 of them. The first one to reply has an advantage. Turn on push notifications on DMs and new comments so that you do not miss questions pending.

Do not hide your prices

List the prices for additional services in a post so that clients do not have to look for them. Asking about a price is an extra effort for a customer, answering is an extra effort for you.

Encourage guests to post about your property

Motivate guests to put the hotel’s hashtag, geotag or tag your profile. This makes it more convenient to track the posts about your property.

Place stickers with your hotel hashtag and account name in places that guests frequent. This way clients will know that they can put the hashtag and will not make mistakes in it.

Engage with accounts that post about your hotel: ask questions, thank for the feedback and respond to negative reviews. Share guests posts and Instagram stories that were taken in the hotel in your account.

The hotel indicates its Instagram hashtag on the website. The hotel indicates its Instagram hashtag on the website.

Recommend places to visit

Guests usually search for places restaurants next to the hotel, ways to get to city center from there and souvenir shops on The Internet. List them in your posts to make guests feel understood so that they decide on booking a room in your property.

Mention local events to attract more clients. Post about a concert and add that it takes 10 minutes to get to the venue from your hotel.

Introduce navigation

Create categories of posts. These can be “hotel’s features”, “reviews”, “FAQ”, etc. Instagram lets you mark categories in several ways.

Highlight stories

Create new highlights: “About us”, “Reviews” and “Places around”. Add new stories to them.

Use hashtags to navigate

If you post a lot, come up with separate hashtags for each category. Let’s say your hotel is named Seacoast. Then your hashtags may look like these: #hotelseacoast_reviews, #hotelseacoast_offers.

List all the hashtags in one post or in bio. Sometimes Instagram users do not follow accounts, but follow hashtags instead.

Put category on pictures

If you write a category name on the first picture of photo carousel, users will spot it easily. This can be “house rules”, “kids accommodation” or “meal services”.

Key takeaways

  1. Post something that would interest guests. Get ideas from their feedback.
  2. Encourage guests to post about your property, tag business profile, put geotag and hotel hashtag.
  3. Respond to questions and negative reviews. Thank guests for positive ones.
  4. Make the navigation easier for guests.

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