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Case study: how to decrease the hotel’s workload and expenses

Case study: how to decrease the hotel’s workload and expenses

About the hotel

Manor Hotel of 36 rooms is located in the city center of Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The hotel opened in 2021, and due to its proximity to business centers, it immediately started attracting business and corporate guests.

Hall of the Manor Hotel in Tashkent

How things were before

The hotel relied on sales on GDS and Booking.com. Its brand website used to be something like a showcase. There, guests could have a look at room categories, choose extra services, and leave a request to book. A hotel’s sales department was responsible for responding to such requests but solely during business days from 9 am to 6 pm.

The hotel administrators did not have enough time to confirm bookings in the Property Management System. That is why in peak seasons, overbooking could happen 3-6 times a month. The hotelier could not trust the newly-hired staff with processing the bookings, so he did it himself at the expense of his time and rest.

Everything changes, so we need to keep up with the times.

Davronbek MIrzabekov

What we did

We created the hotel’s website in the TravelLine Express website builder. On the old hotel’s website, there were little problems that needed the attention of web developers. To allow travelers to book on the website as soon as possible, the hotelier decided on TravelLine Express. He picked the website’s design, uploaded photos, and wrote description texts — all by himself. He never even addressed TravelLine customer support.

We made settings in TravelLine Booking Engine. The hotel aimed to decrease the expenses on the hotel’s sales departments and commission payments to OTAs. That is why the hotelier started selling rooms in the Booking Engine built-in TravelLine Express. Currently, the website of Manor Hotel is the first search result in Google for brand queries. It even leaves behind other online distribution channels. Therefore, the website gets its fair share of bookings.

I had a lot of questions. I am grateful to the team for finding an individual approach!

Davronbek MIrzabekov

Booking Engine on the website of the Manor hotel in Tashkent

We performed integration with HRS PMS. The PMS integration with TravelLine solves two issues: an easy syncing of all the solutions with each other and getting rid of routine by-hand management of multiple extranets.

The hotel started managing OTA sales from TravelLine Channel Manager. The booking processing by hand took too much time for the hotelier. He could not delegate the processing to administrators but gladly trusted this to automation.

I am very happy with TravelLine Platform. Booking Engine performs perfectly, so I have no worries and sleep better!

Davronbek MIrzabekov

What results we achieved

Within a year, the hotel’s revenue has grown by 60%. There were many reasons for such a success. Here are some of them:

The hotel got rid of overbooking. By syncing Booking Engine, Channel Manager, and PMS, the hotelier saved himself the trouble of updating prices and availability for three systems in a row.

The hotel website has become a marketing platform. The acquisition cost of a direct booking is less than the one for an OTA or GDS booking because of the lower commission rates. The hotel’s sales department started getting fewer calls from potential guests, so the hotelier managed to drastically downsize it.

The hotelier got more free time. He no longer manages online sales himself. Now he has more time for training the staff and improving the quality of provided services. He is currently planning his first vacation since the hotel opened.

It takes much time and effort to build an online sales strategy yourself. Trust this to the TravelLine team that already helps over 12.000 hotels.

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