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How to create a hotel profile on Instagram

How to create a hotel profile on Instagram

When scrolling an Instagram feed, it takes a second or two for an average user to see if the post or profile is interesting or not. It’s primarily a visual network, so the visual quality of your account makes the first and the most important impression. Here's how to design a hotel profile on Instagram to attract guests.

Unique account name

Come up with a simple business nickname that is consonant with your real hotel name. Keep the naming unique and simple, and It’ll be easier to remember and search. Remember, that nicknames cannot contain spaces, so you can use underscores to divide words.

Start with the unique part, like abrau_durso_hotel, and not hotel_abrau_durso. The result of this search will have less competitive options.

User profile picture

This is the face of your profile. A visitor should clearly see what’s on the picture and how it relates to your profile. Even if the user is not your subscriber yet, the userpic and nickname are visible to everybody in comments and like lists. It is also easier to find an Instagram profile with a recognizable picture.

How to choose a good profile picture:

  • Use your brand colors or a logo.
  • Choose an image that fits into a circle.
  • Keep it simple and try to avoid small details and text. Profile pictures in comments cannot be enlarged.
  • Use contrast wisely.
  • If it’s not just a logo, the photo should be real. Don’t use Google search and photo stock photos.

Account name and description

Full Name

The full business account name can have 30 characters max. The name text appearance is bold and it’s indexed by the Instagram search. You can include the city name and other keywords.


A short profile description is a lot like a small hotel presentation and it works like a foreword in a book. At this point, a user makes a decision whether it’s worth spending time on it or not. List the hotel's pros and differentiators, what makes you stand out from the competition. Make your Unique Selling Proposition (USP) clear.

The simpler the description, the better. Remember, Instagram is a visual network in the first place.

Try to answer popular questions and work through the possible objections right in the profile description. You can have your profile description up to 150 characters. A good idea is to have different descriptions for high and low seasons. A good profile description will motivate guests to book.

What to include in the description

  • Whatever might be important to your guests. For example “Children's menu”, “Spa is included in the room rate”, “Comfortable pool”.
  • Contact information: phone number and email.
  • Hotel's rating in popular online booking systems.
  • List the names of additional accounts to make it easier to find them. Create separate accounts for a hotel restaurant and SPA center.

How to style your description

  • Use emoticons to emphasize and structure your text.
  • Use your unique branded hashtags. Use these hashtags in your posts to highlight and categorize important topics. When you click on a hashtag, it shows all posts with that hashtag.
  • You can experiment with fancy fonts to reflect your brand and grab attention.
  • The branded hashtag makes it easier to navigate through the profile.


Give a link to the website page on which a guest can book a room. Make sure the page is displayed correctly on all devices, including cellphones. Add CTA-text close to the website link.


City addresses can be used by business accounts only. The address looks like a link and leads to the Maps application with a focus on your business. To add the address, click "Edit Profile" on the profile page → "Communication methods" → "Company address".

Pinned Stories

Pinned stories are a hidden selling weapon. Stories go right below the description and appear as user profile pictures in circles. Use them to answer questions and chat about the hotel. For example, create stories "FAQ," "Promotions," "Numbers," "Reviews" and fill in each section with the appropriate slides.

Design the cover pages to your stories, you can use dedicated apps like Canva or Crello for that. If you add a cover text, make sure it’s large enough to read on a smartphone screen.


In order to use action buttons, switch to a business account. A "Write" button will appear at the top of the page, which opens the conversation in direct messages. Buttons “Email,” "Call," and "How to get" will go below the pinned stories. Buttons work in a mobile Instagram app only.

Visual appearance

Strive for a nice visual harmony, because profiles that follow this rule look professional and they build up confidence in the brand. It’s a good idea to match the look of a userpic and story icons, as well as the rest of the images in your profile and posts.

What to remember

  • The nickname of the profile should be short and unique. It should be easy to remember and to search.
  • Use a single color palette for the profile picture and stories.
  • Add a profile description that contains keywords and your city name.
  • The "About" field contains contacts, branded hashtags, a unique selling proposition, and a link to the site.
  • The address and buttons can be configured in the business profile only.
  • The pinned stories highlight answers to popular questions and it inspires confidence.

You can get direct bookings from Instagram, add a link to the booking module at your profile. The Taplink service and the Travelline team will help you with it. For more information, contact your personal manager or write to manager@travelline.pro

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