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Hotel Promotion: points to consider when launching ads

Hotel Promotion: points to consider when launching ads

To make the most of your revenue, it is important to work out each stage of the sales funnel. To do this, study the guest journey map and booking decision-making. In this blog, we will go through the types of hotel sales funnels, what they are like on a hotel website and on OTA, and how to improve the funnel stages to earn more.

Make offers on as many platforms as possible

Advertising coverage is a number of platforms that represent your hotel. These are listings on Google Maps, Google My Business, and OTA; online ads, websites of tour agencies, and social media profiles.

Find out what distribution channels perform better for you and prioritize them. Post information on the hotel, photos, and contact details on the platforms where guests can find your property. Don’t forget to respond to reviews and comments.

You cannot affect something if it is not digitalized. Carefully study every stage of the funnel. This way, you are going to know at which point they decide not to proceed to booking.

Kate Penko, TravelLine marketing manager

Phrase an ad copy

For your ad to grab users’ attention, it should answer their questions, meet their needs, and be more interesting than ads of your competitor properties.

To make an ad more engaging, mention the hotel’s unique points to distinguish yourself from competitors. This encourages users to click on the ad and go to the hotel website.

To measure the ad’s performance, calculate its CTR — Click-through Rate. This is the number of clicks that your ad receives divided by the number of times your ad is shown. Regularly test your ads and launch the ones that perform better.

Set contextual ads

Contextual ads help you extend your advertising coverage. For example, in Google Ads, you can launch contextual targeting campaigns that users see when they enter specific search queries on Google. There are several coverage groups. The more groups you touch upon, the more audiences ads reach.

Brand queries are the ones that contain the hotel’s name. If users make such a query, they know the hotel and want to make a booking. This type of query performs well: such ads are cheap and drive bookings.

Answer the most frequently asked questions on the hotel website

Your hotel’s conversion rate depends on how well you answer guests’ questions, and how much the descriptions meet their needs.

To understand what to write about, listen to recordings of guests’ calls with hotel managers. Write down questions that your guests ask most often. Such questions help you understand what is lacking on your website.

Do not forget to list hotel facilities in detail. If you don’t, guests might leave the website because they could not find the information they need.

Hotels often have a conference hall that can host events. If such hotels do not indicate this on their websites, users may not even know they can hold events there.

Kate Penko, TravelLine marketing manager

Keep in touch with guests

There are two ways to convert users into guests on the hotel website: Booking Engine and online chats.

  • Through TravelLine Booking Engine, you get the guests without any extra effort to close the deals. Such guests complete bookings and make payments online.
  • With online chats, travelers do not have to make a booking decision immediately. Instead, they can request a callback, and managers will handle their objections.

Pay attention to special features of different points of sale

Online Travel Agencies and business listings have their own sales funnels. On every booking platform, make sure that guests understand what they will get from a stay at your property. Write informative descriptions and upload good photos.

For example, in Google Maps, the most important factors affecting a booking decision are high-quality photos, ratings, guest reviews, and your responses to reviews. On other distribution channels, the conversion into booking depends on hotel photos and price advantages if compared to competitors. For some travelers, payment beforehand or at check-in also matters.

Find out how guests find you

Make a list of top the 10 distribution channels that bring you the most bookings. Study the profit and the number of bookings from each of them for a month. Find reasons why some platforms do not sell and try to fix these problems.

Contact representatives of the most profitable channels to learn how to get even more bookings on their platforms. Apart from raising your commission rate, OTA managers often offer other means. For example, making additional settings or adding more details to your hotel listing.

Check what interferes with your hotel promotion

Make sure you do not make these three most common mistakes hotels make in the promotion of their services:

  1. Too little information on the website

    The solution is to give more and more details on the services you provide.

  2. Hesitation to invest in ads

    The solution is to monitor how your ads perform. By doing this, you easily find out how much you already spent and how many bookings you got thanks to the advertisement.

  3. No financial and strategic goals

    The solution is to set specific targets that can be measured in numbers.

These are basic rules for hotel promotion. To get more comprehensive help, trust your promotion to the TravelLine team of marketing professionals. This is just one of the offers we have in the “All in one” solution.

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