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Google Free Booking Links: why get listed

Google Free Booking Links: why get listed

Google Free Booking Links is an opportunity to drive more traffic to a hotel website and compete with OTAs in brand queries. They are displayed when users write in the hotel name and location in the Google search box.

Free links show up below paid ads. This is what it looks like:

Placement of Google Free Booking Links in search results.

Here are things that you need to know about Google Free Booking Links:

How do they work

Before there used to be only “Ads” section in the Google hotel booking module. In order to be displayed there hotels had to run “Google Hotel Ad” paid campaigns.

You need an integration partner like TravelLine to synchronize your hotel availability and rates to Google. After getting listed, a link to your hotel website, will be marked as “official website” in Google Hotel Search results. This can potentially increase hotel direct sales.

How are they different from other ads

There are 4 ways to promote property on Google. They differ in advertising capacity and placement in search results. If getting listed on your own, it is important to distinguish them in order not to activate a campaign you did not mean to.

Google Ads

These are “keyword ads”. This is a paid campaign wh ere you bid on a keyword, that is “a hotel” or “an apartment”. You choose and advertising copy and link the ad to your website homepage. They are shown in the “ad box” at the top of Google search result page.

This is what they look like:

Placement of Google Ads in search results.

Google My Business

This is a free promotional tool meant to represent any business, including business in hospitality. Google My Business listing is displayed in Google Search. Use it to update information on your property, post special offers and see statistics on how Google users interact with your listing.

Placement of Google My Business lising in search results.

Google Hotel Ads

These are paid ads that are displayed on Google Hotel Search and Google My Business profile. They display your rates and redirect users to the hotel website for direct booking. They are displayed among other paid ads — above Google Free Booking links.

Placement of Google Hotel Ads in search results.

Google Free Booking Links

This is a free listing, displayed on Google Hotel Search. It displays a link to your hotel website, that is marked with “Official Site” badge. It looks the same as Google Hotel Ads, but is placed underneath them in “All options” section.

Placement of Google Free Booking Links in search results.

What are the benefits

  • You reach a large Google audience.
  • You promote the website to get direct bookings.
  • The "official website" badge makes links look like a secure booking source.
  • They are free of charge.

How to start

Google Free Booking Links are already displayed, if you run paid Google Hotel Ads. If you do not:

  1. Create and confirm your property’s Google My Business profile.
  2. Contact your personal TravelLine manager or manager@travelline.pro to connect it to your Booking Engine.
  3. With the manager’s help, launch a Google Hotel Ads campaign with the minimal daily bid of $.01.
  4. Check the listing in Google Hotel Search by typing in your hotel name and location.

Google Ads account Click on underlined budget to se t the minimal bid.

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