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Checklist: Finishing touches for your hotel’s peak season

Checklist: Finishing touches for your hotel’s peak season

In this blog, we give a few tips on how to start preparing for the next demand season when your peak season is about to end.

✓ Survey your guests

Few people are eager to fill out long questionnaires. Instead, we suggest asking just a couple of questions, for example, “Would you recommend our hotel to your friends?”. This way, you can pinpoint the guests’ satisfaction level.

When talking to your guests, try to find out why they picked your hotel and not your competitors. Determine what they like the most and highlight this advantage on your hotel website.

✓ Share your guests’ social media posts

Do not miss on photos and videos featuring your hotel!

Look for posts about your hotel using hotel hashtags and geotags. Do not forget to repost them and thank your guests for updates in your feed.

✓ Analyze your website traffic

Compare the up-to-date data with the last year’s performance. Find out what tendencies in user behavior stay the same, and which ones change. Improve the hotel website to let users intuitively proceed to book.

✓ Find out who benefits you the most

This needs to be done regularly, but the end of a peak season is the best time to recap. Calculate what guest personas pay the most money, and what room categories are booked the most often. During the next season, focus on increasing the number of such bookings.

Remember that your number one goal is to retain the guests that bring you the most money. Attracting new guests is the next most important thing.

✓ Bring joy to your guests

Give a discount for the next stay or a promotional gift, for example, a bathrobe with the hotel logo.

You can send discount promo codes in email newsletters. You can send emails to guests right from your TravelLine Booking Engine Extranet.

✓ Improve social media content

Talk to the employees that interact the most with guests. Find out what questions guests ask them the most. Make a list of 10, 20, or 50 most frequently asked questions and answer them on the hotel website, online distribution channels, and social media.

✓ Keep in touch with guests

This can be email newsletters or just social media posts. Keep creating engaging and useful content, and guests will remember your property when booking their next vacation.

✓ Search for reviews on your property

Contact the guests that left positive reviews, thank them, and ask for permission to use their reviews for hotel marketing. When you use guest reviews for promotion, your end goal is to showcase your hotel’s unique advantages out of the mouth of guests.

Do not forget to respond to negative reviews. Promise guests to fix the problems they listed and invite them to see the changes with their own eyes next year. Reviews of repeat guests tell more to potential guests than an advertising pamphlet.

You do not get to see all the reviews on your property when they are posted. TravelLine Reputation helps you monitor the latest reviews automatically. This solution collects reviews from the 16 most popular review websites, and you find them all on TravelLine Extranet. Post guest reviews on the hotel website to look trustworthy to potential guests.

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