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5 paid ways to increase your website traffic

5 paid ways to increase your website traffic

Drive all the traffic to your hotel website, if you have it. It will let your clients book directly. It is more profitable than bookings, that you get from OTAs.

In the previous article we came up with free ways to increase traffic. If you want to attract more potential guests, turn to paid ones.

  1. Contextual ads
  2. Targeted ads
  3. Metasearch engine
  4. Mass texting
  5. Instant messager

Contextual ads

Ads bring in a stream of relevant traffic to a hotel website. Banners, pop-ups, flash or video ads on Google, its Display Network websites and social media are the online ads.

Only those, who look for a product or a service, see contextual ads. Their goal is to offer a product, corresponding to a query.

Clients search for a hotel online, describing the location ("hotels in Sofia city center"), facilities ("hotels with a pool") or a room category ("family suit"). Contextual advertising is responsible for promoting search queries and bringing the hotel website to the first positions in Google.

To get priority placement, you need to increase the bid — the amount that the advertiser pays for the placement. The higher the bid and the better designed the ad, the higher the probability of rising in the search results.

Optimize search engine to hit the top of Google results
The hotel at the top met the query and increased the bid to get a priority placement.

Targeted ads

Targeted advertising looks for your target audience. When setting up such ads, target specific guest profiles by selecting gender, age, interests, marital status, income and so on.

They also retarget people, who have already visited your website,because they are more likely to return. Ads will be placed on their social media and on Google.

If your guests are mostly young families, coming from a nearby town, target them only. Think of USP to suit your audience and expand advertising to this town. When this is done, launch the advertising campaign.

Partner a marketing agency, if you have not employed an advertising specialist yet. It will give more advanced expertise on advertising, determine what audience to target and provide ideas for ads.

Metasearch engine

Metasearch engines send queries to several search engines and aggregate the results in one master list. Metasearch offers price comparison to show clients where they can get the best deal available. After picking a hotel, a customer goes to a hotel website to book directly. They have either pay-per-click or commission-per-booking pricing model.

EyeforTravel finds, that 43% of travelers use metasearch every time they book a hotel. The most popular metasearch engines are Google Hotel Ads, Tripadvisor, and Trivago.

Optimize search engine to hit the top of Google results
Metasearch offers to book on the hotel website or an OTA.

Use TravelLine Metasearch tool to promote your hotel efficiently. It partners the most popular metasearch engines to display prices without the OTA’s commission. The direct offer will stand out among others, so you will get more bookings on your website. Contact a TravelLine Support manager to get it.

Mass texting

Term "mass texting" means sending a single text to a large group of people. It is used for announcements and discount offers. To make this tool more effective, follow the following rules:

  • send texts only to those, who gave you an express written consent to receive your texts;
  • send useful and important information;
  • tell clients how to unsubscribe in a text message itself;
  • do not send texts at weekends, early in the morning or late at night.

To grow sales, send mass text with special offers or a unique discount for frequent guests. To foster customer loyalty, send direct texts on special dates. For instance, wish a client happy birthday and offer them a discount or SPA services.

Optimize search engine to hit the top of Google results
Example of mass texting campaign

Instant messager

Instant messager-marketing works in the same way as mass texting. The most popular instant messaging channels are Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.

This tool can be used to draw attention to special offers that you run in the hotel. For instance, send a message about a deal and provide a link to your website. A client will click the link, look through the deal’s description and, if interested, book a room.

Guests may also contact you directly through instant messengers, for example, to find out more about ancillary services you provide.

Among the various strategies aiming to drive traffic to your website, select the ones that suit you the most. Combine free and paid tools to achieve maximum performance.

To reach more clients, consider metasearch engines. It is a relatively new tool, that is not widely used yet. It will allow you to compete with OTAs and get more direct bookings.

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