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Why go with TravelLine

The first in Russia and CIS

We always wanted to be ahead of the curve, so back in 2013, we developed our signature channel manager — the first piece of software of this kind in Russia and CIS. Over this time, we’ve learned how to work with different accommodations and sales platforms: we transfer data rapidly and know our shortcuts.

TravelLine Channel Manager is officially certified by, Expedia, Agoda, Tripadvisor, and Airbnb, so it meets global market demands far and away.

accommodations connected
integration types
up to 23,000
bookings per day

Connected platforms

Over 90 sales platforms already work with TravelLine Channel Manager.

How TravelLine Channel Manager integration works

We set up the integration and support its stability at all times.

First, a hotel signs a direct contract with your channel. To set up the integration, a hotel matches price rates and room categories in their TravelLine account and in your channel.

Once the integration is up and running, TravelLine Channel Manager automatically delivers data to your system and keeps it up to date. A single TravelLine account gathers hotel’s bookings from all online sales platforms be that an official hotel’s website, sales channels, or tour operators. This is how price rates and availability are always up to date.

If TravelLine Channel Manager is integrated with a hotel’s PMS, price rates and availability data is uploaded to a channel directly from a management system.

When a guest books a room via a sales channel, the booking is delivered to Channel Manager and to a hotel’s PMS at the same time. It speeds up availability updates and virtually excludes overbooking.

Integration types we support

  • Via TravelLine API
  • Via your API
  • Via Master Tour
  • Via SAMO-Soft
  • Via Travelgate
  • Via Juniper
  • Coming soon: via Booking API — fast and cost-effective integration for searching and booking rooms and receiving hotel info.

Типы интеграций, которые поддерживает Travelline

What’s included in the price of
TravelLine Channel Manager integration

1. Your channel appears on a list of supported channels in the TravelLine account and on our website.
2. If possible, booking data transfer to a hotel’s PMS.
3. Adding negotiated improvements to the integration.
4. Consulting hotels on how to connect your channel to TravelLine.
5. Transferring data on connected property’s availability, price rates, limitations, booking creating, editing, and canceling to your account and via email.
6. Providing stable performance and technical support, day-to-day integration monitoring and troubleshooting.
7. Upon request: providing marketing information on accommodations and additional features.

Price upon request

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