25 July 2023 / Online

Catch your guest!

The most efficient practices from TravelLine and Google to improve the Hotel Website Traffic

About event

25 July 2023 / 15:00 (GMT+8)

What is it?

A TravelLine – Google joint webinar on driving direct sales on the hotel website.

    Why attend?

    Professionals from TravelLine Indonesia and Google will share key factors that affect the number of bookings from the website. It is an exclusive chance to learn first-hand tips on how to use tools to entice guests to make reservations!

    What is the plan?

    Asta Rizky, Customer Success Manager at TravelLine Indonesia will:

    • Tell you why hotels guarantee the best price on the website and how to work with the most important tricks to increase online sales.
    • Share the TravelLine Booking Engine settings that help to boost online bookings by up to 32%.

    Ferrolianto Gilangjati, Google representative will:

    • Report on how Google Hotel Insights can assist you in understanding demand trends for accommodations.
    • Explain the difference between Google Hotel Ads and Free Booking Links to help you choose the best tool for the hotel.

    Then, together, they will answer your questions from live chat.

    What will you learn?

    Everything you should know about TravelLine and Google to have a profitable sales strategy.

    A compliment from TravelLine to our partners: a checklist on launching sales on a hotel website.